Who are we

Carmarket.com.kh was founded in 2019 to help Cambodian people in unlocking their purchase and selling potential. Carmarket.com.kh is an interactive platform that allows its users to search for, inquire, contact, and set up purchases and sale of their cars.



Carmarket.com.kh envision a much more efficient future for vehicle buyer and seller in Cambodia. We believe that buyers should be able to make the maximum use of their budget to purchase for their dream car, and not having to spend valuable time and money to tirelessly search for their dream vehicle.

Furthermore, we envisage a future where vehicle sellers regardless of being private or dealer are able to effectively and efficiently reach their target audience.



Our mission is to illuminate the unnecessary hassles that vehicle finder and seller encounter during their quest of finding their dream vehicle or selling their existing one. We aim to provide frictionless vehicle search that allows vehicle finder to find the car of their dream that matches their every details of their description.

We aim to provide a platform like no others to allow seller to have a much quicker cash turnover by connecting the seller irrespective of the physical boundary.


Why Carmarket.com.kh

For the People

The traditional way of searching and selling vehicle by going from one car dealer to another could prove very cost ineffective and time consuming. We, at Carmarket.com.kh, want to help make the illuminate such tedious process and allow our users to better spend their time obtaining other important goals in life. By bridging the customers to dealer through the means of interactive platform, we are giving back to our people the power and opportunity to save their time and money. Carmarket.com.kh will also empower with the ability to compare various vehicle and choose one to be more suited for their likings and budgets.


For Business

At Carmarket.com.kh we understand the difficulties Vehicle dealer in Cambodia may face in selling their quality inventory. The process of manual information updating, looking for interested customer, contacting customers, and arranging sale could prove very labor demanding and costly. We are to become the one and only essential tool vehicle dealers in Cambodia needed to showcase their quality inventories to a broad base of interested customers.


Why us

We provide you with the latest interactive platform that allows comprehensive listing and searching of your vehicle. Furthermore, we offer platform that are compactible across all devices and would make your searching and listing experience very pleasant.